::June 2017::


Suoni Per Il Popolo 2017:  Dave Rempis, Trading Places:  Vancouver/Montreal and Midnight Music Meetings… 

This year, I’ve been asked to be a part of several concerts at the venerable Suoni Per Il Popolo festival:

On June 6 and 21, Raphael Foisy and I will be hosting the festival’s inaugural Midnight Music Meetings – sessions where musicians from Montreal and beyond will meet and make music together in new combinations.

On June 8, the burning Chicago saxophonist Dave Rempis will be performing solo and then in a trio drummer Michel Lambert and myself.

And on June 11, Vancouver musicians Peggy Lee and Cole Schmidt have invited drummer Isaiah Ceccarelli and I to be their rhythm section when they open for Joe Mcphee and John Heward!


Here’s an H4 bootleg of a recent live solo set for those who couldn’t be there:


Before Nigel Taylor  left Montreal to return to his native Saskatchewan, we had a chance to play a great improvised session with Chicago-based drummer Ryan Packard and bass sax juggernaut Jason Sharp at the North Star.  This meeting was captured by the venerable microphones of Mathieu Belanger:



The Jasper Stadhouders/Aaron Lumley acoustic duo album, Strung Out, is now available on bandcamp and as a limited edition red and gold sparkle cassette tape.  Strung Out was recorded by Niels Brouwer at his home studio in Amsterdam Noord.  Wilbert de Joode produced the album and it was later mixed and mastered in Montreal by Howard Bilerman and Harris Newman respectively.  Liam Donald Parker, who drew the green man cover for Wildernessalso provided the artwork for Strung Out.  The close up of Jasper’s acoustic guitar on the tape’s jacket–scratched all to hell and bloody with only five strings–speaks directly to the energy, spirit, and sound of the music.

Film maker Yuan Liu was also present at the session and she filmed these videos: